A game system set in the magnificent
"JobTribes" world!

DEAPcoin, a supreme existence that can be found somewhere in this world.
It is said that those who have the treasure will gain eternal and infinite power.
Even today, people and Job Lords are seeking DEAPcoin and
throwing themselves into endless battles...

Battle System

"JobTribes" is a trading card game in which you can control the characteristics of Job Lord cards and defeat your enemy’s deck.
god cards and defeat the enemy’s deck. Build a deck with 6 cards and battle.
Summon a “Job Lord” using the “Budget” given for each battle!
Win the battle by defeating all of your enemy’s Job Lords!

The point of the game is to make good use of the unique “skills” of the professional gods!
Skills that reduce the remaining life points of the opponent with powerful attacks, skills that cause various state changes, etc.
To use the “skills” you need to pay an amount from your budget, so you need to be able to judge the situation and know your occupation!

Get a new “Job Lord” with the recruitment function. It is also possible to exceed the limit and raise your occupation card to a higher level by using cards of the same occupation!
“Job Lord” have various skills and compatibility. By using a lot of “Job Lord”, you can broaden your tactics and create chances to win, even against strong opponents! Build your deck with your favourite occupation!

We plan to implement an interpersonal battle function in which each player brings their own deck to play against each other! With carefully thought out decks and tactics, you can enjoy a tense battle.
Read your opponent’s thoughts and win!

  • Complete Missions and get points!
    Collect points and earn rewards.

    There are two types of Missions: Daily Missions and Weekly Missions!
    You can get rewards for each Mission.

    Job Lords

    "JobTribes" features unique Job Lords that symbolize “occupations”!
    From Occupations familiar to everyone around the world, to culturally specific Occupations, in JobTribes, every profession from all over the world will appear one after another.