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Mitsushi Ono


Diana Garnet

Segment Introduction

  • PvP Championship

    PvP Championship

    JobTribes PvP's monthly champions gather to determine the strongest player! It's a semi-annual festival!

    Click here for the special site
  • PlayMiningTV PvP Match

    PlayMiningTV PvP Match

    The dream showdown!? We bring you a PvP match between the hottest players in the game!"

  • Players from around the world!

    Players from around the world!

    Interviews with PlayMiners from around the world!

  • MCs

    Enter the show on behalf of Dr. Kawaiian!

    Bringing kawaii to the world from PlayMining! I'm the game expert Kawaiian ★ Anyone with this Digital Art has the right to appear on PlayMining TV on behalf of Dr. Kawaiian. Currently, JobTribes top player ajihurai is in possession of this NFT, and he makes the show more exciting every timeon behalf of Dr. Kawaiian!

Introduction of past segments

  • Let's make an original NFT!

    Let's make an original NFT!

    We've created a "PlayMiningTV Viewers" NFT with all of our viewers!

    Click here to see the production process.

  • Cosplay Audition

    Cosplay Audition

    To celebrate the launch of the JobTribes game, we held auditions to determine the official JobTribes cosplayer! Participants' cosplays have been released as NFT.

    Click here for details