Republication of Development Roadmap


Thank you for always playing JobTribes.

In our recent Producer Letter, we announced our policy to focus our development resources on rebuilding the game development environment.
Producer Letter_Game Environment Maintenance

In this announcement, we are releasing a new roadmap with revised contents to accommodate the revamping of the development environment.
In redesigning the roadmap, we have postponed overall new development and changed development priorities.
In 2023, in addition to improving the development environment, we will focus our remaining development resources on updates aimed primarily at improving the health of the JobTribes economy.
The game development environment maintenance will be covered under the “Restructuring of the Development Environment” section of the new roadmap.
The “Building a Healthy Ecosystem” will be developed with high priority in the “New PvP Regulation Revision” and “NFT Collection (NFTBurn System)” sections.

After 2024, we plan to develop mainly new contents to deliver a better game experience.

We will continue to operate JobTribes in a stable manner and do our utmost to meet the expectations of our users.
The whole JobTribes operation team greatly appreciates your continued support of JobTribes.