【NFT Special Event to Support PvP Championship 2022 Players】


Who will be the winner? Predict the winner and get the Champion’s Amulet!

The NFT Special Event to Support Championship 2022 Players will be held for users who own the following NFTs that are currently on sale.
If you guess the player who will win the Championship 2022, you will receive the Champion Amulet of the winner.

(e.g. If you guessed MaouKun as the winner and MaouKun won the championship, you will receive the 【PvP Champion】 MaouKun Amulet. *Only for those who have MaouKun’s NFT.)

You must have the target NFT of the player you support.

Applicable NFT:
・RARE【PvP Champion】MaouKun <September 2021>
・RARE【PvP Champion】ajihurai <Octorber 2021>
・EPIC【PvP Champion】Neoneow <November 2021>
・COMMON【PvP Champion】kashi40 <December 2021>
・COMMON【PvP Runner-up Champion】tattuu<December 2021>
・COMMON【PvP Rank 3】Hiro_SG <December 2021>
・COMMON【PvP Champion】kougane <January 2022>
・COMMON【PvP Champion】nari0958 <February 2022>

*Even if you have two NFTs of the same player, you will only receive on Amulet.
*If you have more than one player’s NFT, you can apply for more than once.
*COMMON【PvP Champion】kougane <January 2022>、COMMON 【PvP Champion】 nari0958 will be implemented into the game in March.

How to apply:
Please register your prediction of the winner from the following application form.

Entry Period: Wed, February 23, 8:00 p.m. (UTC+8) – Wed, March 2, 9:00 p.m. (UTC+8)
*We will refer to your NFT possession information as of Thu, March 3, 4:00 p.m. (UTC+8), so please be careful not to resell the NFTs after applying.
*The in-game amulets will be distributed by the end of April.

【JobTribes Championship 2022】
▶︎Please refer here for details