Popular game Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai and NFT digital idol group Project B-idol collaboration NFT to be released!

NFT release date

August 2nd(Tue)14:00(UTC+8)〜

NFT lineup
Suchie-Pai & Rin
Suchie-Pai & Rin

Suchie-Pai: Happy to play with you today, Rin!
Rin: Me, too, Kyoko!
Suchie-Pai: Psss! It's a secret who I am!
Rin: Oh, Sorry! Ms. Misaki.

Peach-Pai & Sophia
Peach-Pai & Sophia

Peach-Pai: Sophia, you are an idol too, right? I'm also training to be an idol!
Sophia: You, too? Which area are you active?
Peach-Pai: Well, I'm still in the making, so it's a secret!

Lemon-Pai & Emma
Lemon-Pai & Emma

Emma: You are older than me, right, Tsukasa?
Lemon-Pai: Yeah, but you can talk to me casually.
Emma: Ok, nice to meet ya, Tsukasa!
Lemon-Pai: By the way, I can shoot missiles.

Cherry-Pai & Camille
Cherry-Pai & Camille

Cherry-Pai: Hahaha! Why have I got a poison attribute?
Camille: I know, I also don't get it.
Cherry-Pai: We gotta complain to the management!
Camille: (snigger)

Milky-Pai & Youran
Milky-Pai & Youran

Youran: You are a rabbit alien, right, Milky-Pai?
Milky-Pai: W...well, it's a secret!
Youran: Here you go, some carrots for you!
Milky-Pai: Yeah! Munch, munch... Yummy!

Suchie-Yuki & Amelia
Suchie-Yuki & Amelia

Suchie-Yuki: I'm Suchie-Yuki, nice to meet you!
Amelia: Hey, why are you the only one without a line for the transformation?
Suchie-Yuki: (Startled)

How to obtain NFT

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai and Project B-idol collaboration NFTs will be obtainable in the JobTribes in-game event "NFT Acquisition Quest 'NFT! Gotta get'em all!'".

About NFT Acquisition Quest

NFT Acquisition Quest 'NFT! Gotta get'em all!' is a series of quests that can be challenged by spending DEP. When you challenge the quests, NFT or Amulet will be dropped at random as a reward.

NFTs and Amulets to be dropped

■ Epic
・Suchie-Pai & Rin(Fire) *NEW!
・Peach-Pai & Sophia(Nature) *NEW!
・Lemon-Pai & Emma(Thunder) *NEW!
・Cherry-Pai & Camille(Poison) *NEW!
・Milky-Pai & Youran(Earth) *NEW!
・Suchie-Yuki & Amelia(Water) *NEW!

■ Rare
・Rin (Knight)(Fire)
・Amelia (Lancer)(Water)
・Sophia (Archer)(Nature)
・Youran (Ranger)(Earth)
・Camille (Wizard) (Poison)
・Emma (Warrior)(Thunder)

*Please check the in-game news and information for the drop rates.

Quest Period

August 2nd (Tue) 14:00 (UTC +8) ~ September 6th (Tue) 10:59 (UTC +8)

“JobTribes” PvP Arena special project “Suchie-Pai & B-idol CUP” will be held!

A special tournament “Suchie-Pai & B-idol CUP” has been decided to commemorate the collaboration with "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai" "Project B-idol".

Get big prizes!

The winning prize is 100,000 DEAPcoin!If you rank within the first 100th place, you can get DEAPcoin.

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Project B-idol amulet is super strengthened!

If you put the following in-game amulet of "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai" "Project B-idol" in your deck, the parameters will be super strengthened!You can benefit in the game to your advantage.

“Suchie-Pai & B-idol CUP” Implementation period

August 20th (Sat) 14:00 (UTC +8) ~ August 21th (Sun) 13:59 (UTC +8)

Celebrating the collaboration event!Get a Project B-idol collaboration amulet!

Players will receive every day one amulet which can be used in JobTribes game as a login bonus!
They are super enhanced during the "Suchie-Pai & B-idol CUP", place them in your deck and get the upper hand in the battle!

Special Collaboration Login Bonus Period

Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 9:00 - Sunday, August 21, 2022, 8:59
(Japan time)

NFT Amulet parameter
Suchie-Pai & Rin
Suchie-Pai & Rin
Hyper Destruction
:Deals immense damage to 1 enemy.
Suchi Eye
:Always greatly raises ATK and DEF when summoned. Lasts 1 turn.
Duo Strike
:Puts up a barrier on one ally. It will not be damaged for 2 turns when attacked.
Peach-Pai & Sophia
Peach-Pai & Sophia
Pinkish Florier
:Deals great damage to all enemies.
Princess Reach
:Always greatly raises ATK and SPD when summoned. Lasts 1 turn.
Finger Sign
:Recovers HP for all allies.
Lemon-Pai & Emma
Lemon-Pai & Emma
Lightning Blade
:Attack twice.
High-speed Peace
:Always greatly raises DEF and SPD when summoned. Lasts 1 turn.
:Raises all allies' ATK. Lasts 3 turns.
Cherry-Pai & Camille
Cherry-Pai & Camille
Cherry Bomber
:Deals immense damage to 1 enemy.
:When summoned, raises ATK slightly with a high probability. Effective for 3 turns.
Left-hand Trick
:Deals damage to 1 enemy and decreases enemy's Budget.
Milky-Pai & Youran
Milky-Pai & Youran
Milky Shower
:Deals great damage to all enemies.
Claim and Expose
:When summoned, raises SPD slightly with a high probability. Effective for 3 turns.
:Lowers all enemies' SPD. Lasts 3 turns.
Suchie-Yuki & Amelia
Suchie-Yuki & Amelia
Full Straight
:Attack twice.
Fantasy Mode
:When summoned, raises DEF slightly with a high probability. Effective for 3 turns.
Extreme Left-hand Trick
:Deals damage to 1 enemy and increases Budget.
About "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai"

The first game was released in 1993 as a 'Beautiful girls x Ikasama (Cheating) Mahjong game' and the series was later developed for arcades and various home game consoles. The game has gained popularity for its attractive beautiful girl characters designed by Kenichi Sonoda, abundant visual scenes and animation, exhilarating strategy using special moves (cheating techniques) and exquisite dialogue between characters and it still has a strong fan base today.

Kenichi Sonoda Profile

Born on December 13 in Tateishi City, Osaka Prefecture. A manga artist and an illustrator who has worked on character designs for the "Suchie-Pai" series. His representative works include the manga "Gunsmith Cats", "The Cannon God Exaxxion" and the anime "Riding Bean".

About "Project B-idol"

“Project B-idol" is a project of digital idols being developed as NFTs. The girls, who aspire to become miraculous “Super Idols”, will be developing their activities in the world of blockchain!

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