• jobtribesでscholarshipを活用する
  • NFT購入する
  • The JobTribes Scholarship allows NFT owners (hereafter referred to as "Owner") to lend their NFT-enhanced Amulet to other players who do not own NFTs (hereafter referred to as "Scholar") so that they can play games with the borrowed Amulets.
    Please read the notes carefully before using the scholarship syetem.

    The user who will be the Owner must enter the other user's PlayMiningID and decide which Amulet to lend.
    After that, the user who will become the Scholar must enter the Owner's PlayMiningID to start lending.

    Assemble a deck of six NFTs to take on the NFT quest!
    If you clear it, you will get a "DEAPcheck" which can be exchanged for DEP.

    -DEAPcheck earned by the Scholar during the period of borrowing Amulet will be sent to the Owner.
    -Some contents of the game cannot be played with the NFT borrowed from Scholarship.
    -The return of NFTs between the owner and the scholar will be carried out 3 days after the application date (after 00:00 UTC).
    -When an owner lends an NFT to a scholar, it becomes immediately available for use, but some content may be subject to usage restrictions.
    -Similarly, when returning from a scholar to an owner, some content will also be subject to usage restrictions.
    -The cancellation from the Owner will take place three days after the application date (00:00 UTC).
    -The cancellation from the Scholar will take place seven days after the application date. However, if the Owner agrees, it will take place three days after the agreement (00:00 UTC).