Those twin babies have grown up…! The Hero and the Demon Queen NFT for sale!


Twin babies, male and female, launched in April 2021 as the first ever growing NFTs.
As time passed… the brother grew up to be a hero and the sister grew up to be a demon queen.

We will be selling the hero and the demon queen NFT.
【Sales information】
Desember 2nd(Thu)12:00(UTC+8)〜<Kanoa>the Hero
December 8th(Wed)12:00(UTC+8) 〜<L-ilith> Demon Queen

<Kanoa>the Hero
EPIC / Nature
I will save my sister!”
The storm of God
Blessing of fluctuations

<L-ilith>Demon Queen
Protecting tigers and elephants
Goddess healing
Robust wall

【Sales site】

【For a limited time! Purchase offer】
If you purchase any of the above NFTs during the first week of sales, you will receive an additional 6 in-game amulets, which you would normally only receive 1.
<Kanoa>the Hero special offer period:December 2nd(Thu)12:00(UTC+8)〜December
<L-ilith>Demon Queen special offer period:December 8th(Wed)12:00(UTC+8)〜December

If you purchase 2 or more cards, you will receive one amulet for the second and subsequent purchase.
If you purchase 2 NFTs, you will receive 8 amulets.
If you purchase 3 NFTs, you will receive 9 amulets.
*In-game amulets will be distributed in order after the deadline and will be
completed by the end of December.

【[Stories of their growth are published on NFTnavi!】
As a follow-up to the “NFT Novel Award”, the story of the twins’ growth up to now will be published on NFTnavi as a trial of “NFT x Novel”.
▼Novel release date (scheduled)
Kanoa Chapter 1, November 022
Kanoa Chapter 2, 1 November 024
Kanoa Chapter 3, November 026
Kanoa Chapter 4, November 029
L-ilith Chapter1, December 01
L-ilith Chapter 2, December 03
L-ilith Chapter 3, December 06
L-ilith Chapter 4, December 08

Look forward to it!

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