PlayMining TV_November Video Upload Promotion Project


Sing songs that are popular in everyone’s countries or your favorite songs in a cappella!
・ It is fine even if it’s only a part of a song.
・ Due to copyright issues, this is limited to a cappella or instruments you performed.
(Playing songs from existing CDs or karaoke is not allowed.)

【Application method】
1. Make your video and post it on YouTube, Twitter, facebook, etc.
Please post with this hashtag→ #JobTribesOurSong
*Please set the scope of disclosure so that everyone can see the video you post.

2. Fill out the form below to complete your application.

【Application conditions】
・Only one application per person
・If the video contains another person, please check at the applicant’s own responsibility so as not to infringe the portrait right, such as obtaining the consent of that person in advance.
・Amulets cannot be distributed to those who do not meet the application requirements.
・”The submitted video will be used in the mPlayMiningTV and DEA content such as PlayMining TV.

【Application Dead line】
November 22nd 19:00(UTC+8)
Amulets will be distributed until the end of December.

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