NFT Marketplace by DEP_Popular medical manga “Give my regards to Black Jack” to be sold as an NFT!


We will be selling NFT (Non-fungible token, henceforth NFT) of “Give my regards to Black Jack”, a popular medical manga by popular manga artist “Shuho Sato”, which depicts the current situation of the medical field in Japan.
There are various special offers for purchasers, so please check them out.

■Limited time! Buy NFT and exceed the final limit!
Usually, if you purchase the above NFT by 11:59 (UTC + 8) on November 18th (Thursday),
you will get only one.
We will give you 6 additional in-game amulets.
Since you can exceed the maximum limit in the game, you can use all skills from the
*In-game amulets will be distributed in order after the deadline and will be completed by the end of November.

■For a limited time! All 6 types of the “Give my regards to Black Jack” NFT special present project
November 18th (Thurs) 11:59 (UTC+8) We will be giving 2021 “Head Mirror of Excellence”s, an item needed to train in-game amulets for medical professions, to players who purchase all six types of the “Give my regards to Black Jack” NFT.
*After the deadline, we will start distributing the “Head Mirror of Excellence”‘s in order and plan to complete the distribution by the end of November.

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*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.