October Video Upload Promotion Project


For October’s video upload promotion… tell us about our profession!
・Occupation name
・What kind of work do you do
・What time do you work?
・Photos and videos of you at work, the work you’ve made, etc.
Please tell us about your job!
If your occupation is already a JobTribes NFT, you can make a video including the image in it!
If you’re in a profession that doesn’t an NFT yet, let us know along with what kind of special move names you’d like to see!
Those who meet the following video application conditions will receive the amulet they want in the game.

【Application period】
October 13th(Wed)21:00〜October 25th(Mon)10:00(UTC+8)

Reference video

【How to apply】
1. Take a video and post it on social media such as Twitter, facebook, and YouTube with the hashtag #JobTribesMyJob.
*Please set the disclosure range so that everyone can see it.

2. Fill out the form below to complete your application.

【Application conditions】
*Only one application per person
*If the video contains another person, please check at the applicant’s own responsibility so as not to infringe the portrait right, such as obtaining the consent of that person in advance.
*Amulets cannot be distributed to those who do not meet the application requirements.

The videos you submit will be featured on PlayMining TV.
It may also be used in other DEA content.