JobTribes_Material Hunting!


【Event rules】
“Material Hunting! ” Is an event where you can get a lot of training items(Sands).
■Period: August 10th14:00(UTC+8)-August 13th13:59 (UCT+8) 

If you own NFT and have that NFT in your deck, you will get a lot of training items(Sands) according to the number of Art you have.
Among them, the following 5 Art Amulets will give you more training items(Sands), so if you have NFTt, please take part.

LEGENDARY:Swimming Instructor(Water)
EPIC:Online Streamer(Fire)
RARE:Aquarium Keeper(Water)
RARE:Cosplayer KOYUKI “Swimming Instructor”(Nature)
COMMON:Japanese Cuisine Chef(Nature)


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.