About JobTribes Scholarship (beta version)


The PlayMining platform plans to implement a scholarship system. As the first step, we will give “scholarship account setting rights” to the participants of JobTribes Championship 2021 and start the test operation.

“Scholarship account setting rights”

1st Place 4 setting rights
2nd Place 2 setting rights
3rd Place〜8th Place 1 setting rights

A total of 12 can be set.

“Scholarship (beta version) overview”
・Users will be granted a number of setting rights to make a scholarship account
・Move the specified NFT to the scholarship account.
・The operation team assists in matching the scholars.
・The DEP obtained in the scholarship account will be divided between the owners and scholars
・The start is scheduled for September or later.
*Details will be announced later.

“About the beta version of the scholar”
・Those who perform well in the PvP Arena rankings scheduled for August 28th and 29th will hold the right to become scholars. Please note that you must be admitted by the owner to officially become a scholar.
・In the beta version, “Japanese residents” cannot be scholars.

“About scholarship (beta version) hype up project”
A special tournament will be held in which 14 “scholars” will compete!