JobTribes”Championship 2021“We will also carry out support projects that anyone can participate in!


<JobTribes Championship 2021 NFT sale with right to appear>
NFT with participation rights as the last participation slot, [PvP Championship] 8th Challenger A <August 2021> will be specially sold with 2 limited editions. Two purchasers can play against each other and the winner can win the right to participate in the Championship 2021.

【Sales period】
August 4th(Wed)12:00〜8/5(Thu)11:59(UTC+8)

【Sales information】
100,000DEP~ Blind auction sale/limited to 2

【Purchase benefits】
You will receive six additional in-game amulets, which you normally only receive one. Since you can exceed the maximum limit in the game, you can use all skills from the beginning.

【Sales site】

The match will be held from 12:00 to 13:00 (UTC+8) (negotiable)on August 8th (Sun), so it will only be for those who can participate in this match and those who can participate in the qualifying league and the final tournament (implementation date 8/21 (Sat) and 8/22 (Sun). In addition, the implementation time of the qualifying league and the final tournament will be adjusted between the participants after the opponent is confirmed in the combination lottery.

<JobTribes Championship 2021 Participating Player Support NFT Special Project>
Which player will win!? Predict the winner and get an in-game amulet!
As of August 20th (Fri) 16:00 (UTC+8), we will carry out the “Championship 2021 Participating Player Support NFT Special Project” for users who have the following target NFTs on sale.
We will present your favorite in-game amulet (excluding certain amulets) to the user who has the NFT of the participating player who won the championship 2021.
If you are planning to participate in this project and do not have the following target NFTs yet, please purchase the desired NFT from the sales site by 15:59 (UTC+8) on August 20th (Fri).

【Target NFT】
・COMMON 【PvP Champion】shinkei <Jan 2021>
・RARE 【PvP Champion】shinkei <February 2021>
・COMMON 【PvP Runner-up】Rakuya <Feb 2021>
・COMMON【PvP Champion】Neoneow<March 2021>
・RARE 【PvP Champion】Neoneow <April 2021>Coming soon
・COMMON 【PvP 3rd place】ajihurai <April 2021>
・COMMON 【PvP Champion】akarui <June 2021>
・COMMON 【PvP 3rd Place】KANEMORI <June 2021>Coming soon
・COMMON 【PvP Runner-up】MaouKun <July 2021>Coming soon
・COMMON 【PvP Championship】8th challengerB <August 2021>Coming soon
*Even if you have two NFTs of the same player, you can only get one in-game amulet.

【Sales site】】

【Application method】
After the PlayMining TV final tournament program is over, please use the application form below to register the name of the NFT you own and your favourite in-game amulet that is listed on the form.

【Application deadline】August 20th(Fri)16:00(UTC+8)
Apply from the form below
*The in-game amulet will be distributed by the end of September.