JobTribes_PvP Arena Country Ranking Renewal


The PvP Arena country ranking has been renewed and will become the “PvP Arena Participation Declaration Ceremony”. At this “PvP Arena Participation Declaration Ceremony”, we are looking for videos that contain “Announcement of Participation” in the PvP Arena Ranking Battle held from July 31st (Sat) 14:00 (UTC+8) ~ August 1st (Sun) 13:59 (UTC+8). By lottery, we will present the following NFT of your choice to the people who uploaded a video.

■EPIC:5 Persons
■COMMON:10 Persons
*It is not a gift for each country, but a lottery gift for all posted videos.

【Example of participation statement】
・I am ▲▲ from Japan! I’m aiming to win the PvP!
・〇〇 from indonesia!I’ll do my best at the PvP!
・Singapore’s ✖️✖️ participation! I’m aiming for the round number!

【This tournament’s theme】
Please send a video taken with your friends and family. (If that’s not possible, you can take it with a statue in your city or with a toy of a character that is famous in your country)

【Details & application form】

【Deadline】 July 30th(Fri)12:00(UTC+8)

Please make an entry!