Who will win the bid!? The start of the “Hot Summer Bid!” where the bidding starts from 1 DEP!


【Period】July 21st (Wed)12:00〜August 11th(Wed)11:59 [UTC+8]
【NFT Lineup】Display one NFT for each of the five types on a weekly basis
【Sales information】1 week blind auction

【Sales period】
July 21st(Wed)12:00〜July 28th(Wed)11:59(UTC+8)
【NFT Lineup】
LEGENDATY Magician(Water)
LEGENDATY Bubble Tea Salesperson(Thunder)
LEGENDATY Swimming Instructor(Water)
RARE DJ(Thunder)
COMMON Amusement Park Staff(Thunder)

【Sales period】
July 28th(Wed)12:00〜August 4th(Wed)11:59(UTC+8)
【NFT Lineup】
LEGENDATY Nightclub Hostess(Nature)
LEGENDATY Pyrotechnician(Fire)
RARE Cabaret Girl(Poison)
RARE Aquarium Keeper(Water)
RARE Cosplayer KOYUKI “Swimming Instructor”(Nature)

【Sales period】
August 4th(Wed)12:00〜August 11th(Wed)11:59(UTC+8)
【NFT Lineup】
LEGENDATY Xiao Long Bao Chef(Nature)
LEGENDATY Bartender(Poison)
LEGENDATY Reader Model(Poison)
EPIC Online Streamer(Fire)
COMMON Bus Guide(Earth)

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*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.