JobTribes championship tournament implementation!


The “Job Tribes_Championship Tournament” will be held in which the champions of the PvP Arena ranking battle will engage in an intense battle!
Only participants can see the competition in real time in this tournament.
We will deliver the results of the tournament and the heated battle progress with images in the PlayMining TV special edition, so please look forward to it!

【Championship Tournament Regulations】
PlayMiningTV Qualifying League : August 23rd(Mon)・August 24th(Tue)
■Eight players, including the champions from January to July (or players have qualification for tournament entry) and the “specialqualification” can participate in the tournament.
■RED team (4 players) and BLUE team (4 players) will compete in a round-robin tournament.
・The pairings will be determined by lottery.
・The top two players in each group will advance to the final tournament. 2 points will be awarded for a win, and 1 point for a draw.
・In the event of a tie in points, the following order of priority will be used to determine who will advance to the final tournament.
1.The one who wins in a direct competition.
2.The player with the most amulets remaining when the winner is determined.
3.The winner of the final match. (in case of a tie, the match will be played again in Sudden Death format)

Tournament:PlayMiningTV Final Tournament:August 25th(Wed)
■Semi-finals between ≪1st place of RED group and 2nd place of BLUE group≫, and ≪2nd place of RED group and 1st place of BLUE group≫ (In the case of a tie, a rematch will be held in the form of sudden death.)
■The winner of the semi-finals will play the final game, and the winner of the final game will be the one who wins two games first.
■The losers of the semi-finals will play for the third place. (only one game. In the case of a tie, a rematch will be held in the form of sudden death.)

「shinkei」「rakuya」「Neoneow」「ajihurai」「akarui」「KANEMORI」「???(July PVP winner)」「???(Secret)」

・If you do not enter the “competition room” by the set time, you will be “lose by default”.
・The contact language on the management side will be “Japanese” or “English”. If you need support in another language, you need to apply in advance.
・Prohibition Amulets are not set and decks are not restricted. There will be no setting of prohibited amulets and no deck restrictions.
・The tournament will be held at a stadium where “the amount of recovery by HP and recovery skills will increase”. There will be no enhancements to attributes.
・There is no limit on the number of turns.
・If the LOST match is due to the communication environment, etc., the match will be replayed if the management side determines that it is not intentional. In that case, deck changes are not allowed.
・Everything else will follow the normal PvP battle rules.