Notice of new and renamed JobTribes “DAILY QUEST”


In addition to the conventional “DAILY QUEST”, “DAILY QUEST 2” will be newly established, and you will be able to obtain recruitment material.
In addition, the conventional “DAILY QUEST (renamed to DAILY QUEST 1)” will be greatly increased from 9 stages each for 6 quests to 15 stages each for 6 quests.

■Implementation start date:June 29th(Tue)After maintenance
■About the newly established and renaming

conventional:DAILY QUEST(6 quests_ 9 stages each)

Renaming:DAILY QUEST1(6 quests_ 15 stages each)Training Material Available
Newly established:DAILY QUEST2(4 quests_ 15 stages each)Recruitment Material Available

■DAILY QUEST2details

DAILY 1 Trial of passion “Ruby of Passion” is easily attainable
DAILY 2 Trial of devotion” Sapphire of Devotion “ is easily attainable
DAILY 3 Trial of innovation” Diamond of Innovation “ is easily attainable
DAILY4 Trial of eminence” Crystal of Eminence “ is easily attainable

■About obtaining elixirs

You can get “Elixir” by clearing the final stage of each difficulty level, and if you complete both “DAILY QUEST 1” and “DAILY QUEST 2”, you can get up to 6 “Elixir” in one day.
Also, even if you got “Elixir” from the DAILY QUEST before maintenance, you can get “Elixir” again by playing DAILY QUEST after maintenance.


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.