“PvP Arena playing video post campaign!” Implementation


Join PvP Arena and post a video of you playing! You can get a nice present!

【Details of Measures】
Participate in the Job Tribes PvP Arena ranking match during the time period and post it as a play video on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.
One person can submit one video and receive one in-game amulet (your favorite in-game amulet).
In addition, we will decide “one best playing video” from the posted playing videos and give you one NFT(Digital Art )(up to EPIC) of your choice at a later date.
(Results announced on 7/7 PlayMining TV)
【Period】June 26th(Sat)14:00(UTC+8)-June 29th(Tue)22:59 (UTC+8) 
【Distribution date: Scheduled to be distributed by July 21st (Wed) 22:59 (UTC+8)
① The video of you playing must be recorded from when the matching is decided, up until the win/lose result screen
(We will not accept videos that start in the middle of the game or ends in the middle of the game.)
② After posting the play video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (any one is OK), please enter from the application form.
Application form

・Please put “#JobTribes” in the title and tag.
・Set the video publishing setting to “public”. (Limited viewing will not be accepted)
・Enter the amount of turns of wins or losses in the match.
・We welcome videos including live commentary.


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.