JobTribes “PvPArena Ranking battle!-Neoneow Cup-“


【Details】This “Neoneow Cup” is a PvP ranking battle that the 3rd and 4th PvP Arena champion, neoneow, has the right to hold and carry out!

This ranking battle is a special tournament where you battle with the decks of “COMMON” and “RARE” devised by Neoneow.

The canceled 5th PvP Arena ranking match (date and time: 5/29 (Sat) 14: 00(UTC+8) ~) is to be rescheduled to 6/26 (Sat) 14: 00(UTC+8) ~. Please wait as detailed information will be announced at a later date.


【Special rules】

・Set the “COMMON” and “RARE” amulets in the deck.

・COMMON [PvP Champion] Neoneow <March 2021> (Thunder) will have [2.6 times more] power.

・The power of “COMMON/RARE” will be doubled.

・If you do not match with a player, “EPIC/LEGENDARY” may appear with [0.5 times more] power. ・There are no specific attribute enhancements. (ex. there aren’t cases like “water is strong”)
・You cannot use your debt until the end of 3 turns.

・Support Skill cannot be used until the end of 3 turns.

・If you use “debt”, your reward will decrease.

※The special rules will change every month

Compete to rank well with PvP Arena points collected during this period.

【Period】June 12th(Sat)14:00(UTC+8)〜June 13th(Sun)13:59(UTC+8)

【Result announcement】June 14th (Mon)14:00(UTC+8)


1st 200,000 DEAPcoin+5,000 PALEcoin

2nd 100,000 DEAPcoin+5,000 PALEcoin

3rd 50,000 DEAPcoin+5,000 PALEcoin

4th〜20th 20,000 DEAPcoin+5,000 PALEcoin

21th〜40th 10,000 DEAPcoin+5,000 PALEcoin

41th〜100th 3,000 DEAPcoin+5,000 PALEcoin
101th〜10,000th 40,000 PALEcoin


Recruitment materials 500pieces× 4colors

All participants : In-game amulet COMMON【PvP Champion】Neoneow<March 2021>(Thunder)

Please give it a try!


*Even if you win this ranking match, you will not gain the right to participate in the championship and an original NFT will not be produced.

*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.