NFT Marketplace by DEP_NFT “Super Crab Fisherman” Special Sale!


The popular NFT “Crab Fisherman” has been significantly upgraded! Its name is “Super Crab Fisherman”!

The super crab fisherman will be sold as a LEGENDARY NFT with a new visual illustration.

In addition, the skill in the card battle game “JobTribes” is very powerful.

※The image is a work in progress.

■Sale time: June 9th(Wed)12:00(UTC+8)〜June 16th(Wed)11:59(UTC+8)

■Sales form: NFT Marketplace by DEP @ 400,000 DEP ~ limited to 10, 1 week blind sale

■Skills in the card battle game “JobTribes”

・If you put it in the same deck as the EPIC Crab Fisherman (Water), there is a certain probability that the DEF will be buffed.

・Skill ① 3 times random damage

・Skill ② Decrease the SPD of all enemies.

・Skill ③ Damage one enemy and lower the DEF.

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*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.