JobTribes【Notice of cancellation and re-holding due to PvP ranking battle bugs】


We apologize to all the participants for the inconvenience in the PvP ranking battle.
Currently, there is a problem with battle matching, and we have confirmed that some users suffers a loss.

Judging that with this biased situation, it would be difficult to proceed with the tournament. Therefore, we have decided to cancel the tournament and re-holding it after completing the countermeasures for the problem.

Elixir used for PvP this time will be replenished at a later date.

We are really sorry to everyone who adjusted the schedule and participated in this tournament!
Also, for users who have already played for 5 hours or more and are keeping the top ranks, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding, we will endeavor to prevent a recurrence.

We will inform you of the details on Elixir supplement distribution and postponement soon.