NFT (Job Lord) recommended by the world’s top players Special sale


【Implementation outline】

We will specially sell NFT (Job Lord) selected by the top 6 players of the PvP Arena ranking battle held every month in the card battle game “JobTribes”. You can bid from 1 DEP, so please take this opportunity to get the NFT (Job Lord) selected by the top players.


■ Implementation period: June 9th (Wed) 12:00 ~ June 16th (Wed) 11:59 (UTC+8)

■ Sales form: Blind auction (Minimum bid 1 DEP ~ )

※ We will sell to those who bid at the highest price during the one week auction period.

■ Number of units sold: 12 types x 1 each

■NFT Marketplace by DEP|


【NFT(Job Lord)Lineup】

<ajihurai | NFT>

EPIC: Web Designer (Poison)

The biggest appeal of the web designer is their first skill, their passive skill!
“100% chance to significantly increase ATK (attack) and DEF (defense)” can be done.
First of all, focusing on the attack side, the poison attribute is an attribute that makes it easy to increase the ability of SPD (quickness), so it is relatively easy to make a first strike, and the ATK (attack power) is also 1.5 times more, so depending on the opponent, you can possibly sink your opponent with one blow.
In addition, the DEF (defense power) has also been greatly increased (1.4 to 1.5 times), so even if you are against a legendary opponent, you can reduce the probability of being defeated with a single blow.

I myself have been using this character for a long time and highly recommend it!

EPIC: Dentist (Thunder)

Ranking first with the web designers is the dentist.
The first skill passive has a “100% chance” of greatly increasing “ATK (attack) and SPD (speed)”
The biggest appeal is that the ATK (attack power) is surely increased by 1.5 times and SPD (speed) is increased by 1.4 times on the first turn, so a powerful first attack is possible.
To put it simply, if you have 5 level 50 dentist NFTs, you can get ahead of all the level 50 legendary characters with 5 NFTs.
Many players use characters with faster SPD (speed) such as “professional shogi player” and “astronaut”, including the web designer I recommended earlier, but in addition to being able to make the first strike earlier than those characters, since the ATK (attack power) is also increased, you can sink the opponent in a single blow.

It is a very difficult character if you are the opponent.


<Maoukun | NFT>

LEGENDARY: Hunter(Earth)

Hunter ( Legendary )many people use this lord job and I saw it myself when the pvp ranking event took place

LEGENDARY: Kung-Fu Gym Master(Thunder)

Kung-Fu Gym Master ( Legendary )many people use this lord job and I saw it myself when the pvp ranking event took place


<Midnight1732(India)Recommended NFT>

EPIC: Crab Fisherman(Water)

LEGENDARY: Cacao Farmer(Nature)


<shadow | NFT>

LEGENDARY: Blockchain Engineer(Fire)

Two powerful single-target attacks that let you focus on a specific target to kill quickly the strongest amulets of your rival’s deck! You don’t need to rely on luck!

EPIC: Apple Farmer (Nature)

Can be obtained easily using Crab’s Recipe, and is powerful against Water element enemies, which are common on PvP…also it helps on the new game “Lucky Farmer”! Excellent for Beginners!


<Sunflower | NFT>

EPIC: Professional Shogi Player(Poison)

I recommend Professional Shogy Player because of its two really good powers: Whole Grilled Bear-In-The-Hole and Giga Sugar Vaccine. The first one can sometimes be pretty useful if it’s played well, and the other one not only can destroy the opponent’s amulet, but also recover yours.

LEGENDARY: Enka Singer(Water)

I recommend Enka Singer because it can increase your budget, and it’s really helpful in PvP battles.


<Zokino | Recommended NFT>

EPIC: Real Estate Dealer(Water)

Real estate dealer (water) ,don’t remember seeing this job lord ever in the store , has good attack skills and I like the art 😌

LEGENDARY: Fortune Teller(Water)

Fortune teller (water) ,her skill to recover allies HP for 3 turns could be critical in PvP battles + her other two skills are dealing immense attacks to enemies /raising defense and lowering attacks of enemies ,like each one of her skill ,I am mostly trying to recruit job lords with great attacks