JobTribes”Prizes for country rankings in PvP Arena!”


The PvP Arena ranking held from May 29th(14:00 UTC+8) to May 30th(13:59 UTC+8),a special gift will be given to the Top 2 players of each country!

1st Place: NFT(Digital Art) of your choice (EPIC)
2nd Place: NFT(Digital Art)of your choice (RARE)

To be an eligible country for prizes, you must meet the following three conditions!

①Please enter the necessary information from the application form and make an entry.

From the people who posted the entry video, by lottery, one person from each country will be given their desired NFT(COMMON)!

②1 or more entries are required per country

※Please upload the video you will post with your participation announcement in the PvP ranking battle and the food you are eating (preferably something popular in your country).

Video example:

※Please use the hashtag #JobTribesPvPworld in your post.

※Post the video you shot for this time! (You can’t use the ones you used before or the ones you posted in the past.)

The video will be invalid if it does not meet the above requirements.

③Uploaded videos have more than 10 retweets/shares.

The deadline is until the end of PlayMining TV’s livestream on !5/26

PlayMining TV
Please make an entry!