Over 1 million PlayMining ID user registrations promotion! FEVER WEEK has arrived! Double the prize money promotion for the puzzle game “Puzzle x JobTribes”!


The ranking prize money is doubled during the period!

Period:May 17th(Mon)o8:00(UTC+8)〜May 24th (Mon) 07:59(UTC+8)


1st:40,000 DEP

2nd:20,000 DEP

3rd:10,000 DEP

4th:7,500 DEP

5th:5,000 DEP

6th:2,500 DEP

7th:2,000 DEP

8th:1,500 DEP

9th:1,000 DEP

10th:6,000 DEP

From 11th place to 4000th place, the prize amount will increase as your rank goes up!

The prize money is also doubled for rankings that are not listed.



*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.