Over 1 million PlayMining ID registered users! A total of 10 million DEP will be given away! 7 big thank you promotion details announced!


In commemoration of 1 million PlayMining ID registrants, we will carry out 7 large-scale promotions to present a total of 10 million DEP.

【Part 1】Win a total of 3 million DEP! Airdrop promotion for all NFT:DEP wallet holders!

DEP airdrop will be provided to all NFT:DEP wallet holders at the end of the promotion period.

As of 5/24 (Monday) 22:59 (UTC + 8), DEP airdrop will be implemented for all those who have an NFT:DEP wallet. The following DEP will be airdropped by random lottery.

・1 million DEP:1 person
・250,000 DEP:2 people
・100,000 DEP:3 people

・10,000 DEP:7 people
・5,000 DEP:30 people
・1,000 DEP:50 people

For those who do not win the above lottery, the remaining amount of the total prize money will be airdropped evenly.

The airdrop will occur from the end of the promotion to June 7th (Mon).

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【Part 2】NFT “Super Crab Fisherman” Special Sale!

The popular NFT “Crab Fisherman” has been significantly upgraded! Its name is “Super Crab Fisherman”!

The super crab fisherman will be sold as a LEGENDARY NFT with a new visual illustration.

In addition, the skill in the card battle game “JobTribes” is very powerful.

※The image is a work in progress.

Sale time: Scheduled for early June 2021

Sales form: NFT Marketplace by DEP @ 400,000 DEP ~ limited to 10, 1 week blind sale

Skills in the card battle game “JobTribes” (planned)

If you put it in the same deck as the EPIC Crab Fisherman (Water), there is a certain probability that the DEF will be buffed.

Skill ① 3 times random damage

Skill Decrease the SPD of all enemies.

Skill ③ Damage one enemy and lower the DEF.

▼NFT Marketplace by DEP▼



【Part 3】Card battle game “JobTribes” login bonus & doubled money prize promotion!

In-game items will be distributed daily as a login bonus during the period!

Those who have logged in for 6 days will receive the popular amulet “Idol (Fire)” as a gift.

Period:May 17th(Mon)14:00(UTC+8)〜Jun 17th(Thu)13:59(UTC+8)

Login bonus content

1st Day 10,000 PALEcoin

2nd Day  Ruby of Enthusiasm x 500

3rd Day  Sapphire of Dedication x 500

4th Day  Diamond of Innovation x 500

5th Day  Crystal of Brilliance x 500

6th Day  In-game amulet LEGENDARY“Pop Star(Fire)”

The login bonus is that you can get all the items by logging in for 6 days during the period.

In addition, the prize money for the PvP Arena ranking match on Saturday, May 29th will be double the normal prize money! First place is 2 million DEP!

PvP Arena Ranking Battles

Period:May 29th(Sat)14:00(UTC+8)〜May 30th (Sun) 13:59(UTC+8)


1st 2,000,000 DEP+20,000 PALEcoin

2nd 600,000 DEP+20,000 PALEcoin 

3rd 200,000 DEP+20,000 PALEcoin 

4th-10th 100,000 DEP+20,000 PALEcoin 

11th〜20th 20,000 DEP+20,000 PALEcoin 

21th〜30th 10,000 DEP+20,000 PALEcoin 

31th〜100th 200,000 PALEcoin 

101th〜10,000th 100,000 PALEcoin 

200th、300th、400th、500th、600th、700th、800th、900th、1,000th:Recruitment materials 1000pieces× 4colors

One in-game Amulet “ RARE:Chick Inspector(Nature)” will be given to users within the 10,000th ranking!

▼Card Battle Game「JobTribes」▼



【Part 4】Double the prize money promotion for the puzzle game “Puzzle x JobTribes”!

The ranking prize money is doubled during the period!

Period:May 17th(Mon)o8:00(UTC+8)〜May 24th (Mon) 07:59(UTC+8)


1st:40,000 DEP・2nd:20,000 DEP ・3rd:10,000 DEP・4th:7,500 DEP・5th:5,000 DEP 

6th:2,500 DEP・7th:2,000 DEP・8th:1,500 DEP・9th:1,000 DEP・10th:6,000 DEP 

From 11th place to 4000th place, the prize amount will increase as your rank goes up!

▼PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes▼



【Part 5】PlayMining Dozer “Lucky Farmer” beta version doubled money prize promotion!

The ranking prize money is doubled during the period!

Period:May 17th(Mon)o8:00(UTC+8)〜May 24th (Mon) 07:59(UTC+8)


1st:80,000 DEP・2nd:60,000 DEP・3rd:40,000 DEP・4th:32,000 DEP・5th:24,000 DEP 

6th:18,000 DEP・7th:12,000 DEP・8th:8,000 DEP・9th:5,000 DEP・10th:4,000 DEP 

From 11th place to 4000th place, the prize amount will increase as your rank goes up!

▼PlayMining Dozer 「Lucky Farmer」beta version▼



【Part 6】”PlayMining TV” 1 million DEP evenly divided promotion!

From those who meet the following participation conditions, 100,000 DEP will be airdropped to 1 in 10 people by lottery.

[Participation conditions]

Announcement of PlayMining TV on social media

Announce the following PlayMining TV fixed format on your own social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Let’s celebrate! PlayMining ID
Over 1 million people!
[PlayMining TV] delivers the latest information on NFTs and games😎
▼Every Wednesday 20:00 (UTC + 8)

#NFT #blockchain

・In the application form, tell us how you plan to use the 100,000 DEP prize money (※an interview will be held at a later date)

Application form


<Announcement of results>

May 26th(Wed)20:00(UTC+8 ~ will be announced during PlayMining TV

PlayMining TV:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWmK0RLV4SB_PSXpj2j6dw


【Part 7】”1 million users commemorative baton NFT” sale & baton relay plan

Special NFT is now on sale to commemorate the number of PlayMining users surpassing 1 million! We will trade the NFT with everyone and share the prize money!

<Details of the baton relay project>

Period:May 17th(Mon)12:00(UTC+8)〜July 16th(Fri)11:59(UTC+8)

<Implementation content>

Sales period:“1 million users commemorative baton NFT” will be on sale at NFT:DEP from 12:00 (UTC + 8) on 5/17 (Monday)

Sales information:5 types x 1 each. @ 1DEP ~ 48 hours blind sale

・Buyers should list the “1 million users commemorative baton NFT” at the NFT: DEP “Auction” and have the next person buy it.

・If the “Million People Memorial NFT” is purchased by the next person, the number of transactions will be counted as “1”.

・If the buyer puts up this item again on the auction and the next user purchases it, the number of transactions is counted as “2”.

・By repeating this, the condition is cleared when the number of transactions exceeds “100”

・Of the 5 types of “1 million users commemorative baton NFT“, 1 million DEP will be evenly airdropped to all NFT trading participants whose number of transactions exceeds “100” first!

※ If the same person purchases twice, it will not be counted the second time 

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Promotions for which no specific date has been set will be announced at a later date.

※ The contents are subject to change.

*DEAPcoin is not currently available for sale to residents of Japan.