Over 1 million PlayMining ID registered users! “1 million users commemorative baton NFT” sale & baton relay plan.Extended Period!


Special NFT is now on sale to commemorate the number of PlayMining users surpassing 1 million! We will trade the NFT with everyone and share the prize money!

We will extend the implementation period to make this campaign even more exciting!

Please take part.

<Details of the baton relay project>

Period:May 17th(Mon)12:00(UTC+8)〜July  16th(Fri)11:59(UTC+8)

<Implementation content>

・Sales period:”1 million users commemorative baton NFT” will be on sale at NFT:DEP from 12:00 (UTC + 8) on 5/17 (Monday)

・Sales information: 5 types x 1 each. @ 1DEP ~ 48 hours blind sale

▶︎NFT Marketplace by DEP|https://daa.playmining.com/

Buyers should list the “1 million users commemorative baton NFT” at the NFT: DEP “Auction” and have the next person buy it.

If the “Million People Memorial NFT” is purchased by the next person, the number of transactions will be counted as “1”.

If the buyer puts up this item again on the auction and the next user purchases it, the number of transactions is counted as “2”.

By repeating this, the condition is cleared when the number of transactions exceeds “100”

Of the 5 types of “1 million users commemorative baton NFT“, 1 million DEP will be evenly airdropped to all NFT trading participants whose number of transactions exceeds “100” first!

Every person will be able to get 10,000 DEP.

If the same person purchases twice, it will not be counted the second time 

※DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.