Ranking Event Opening


The ranking will be determined by the amount of PALEcoin obtained by trying
to do a special quest.
You can receive a large sum of DEAPcoin (DEP) and rare items depending on
your ranking at the final time of the event.
■Period: July 21th (Tues), 13:00 (JST) ~ July 24th (Fri) 12:59 (JST)
↓Ranking Event video here

Special sale for ranking events
■July 21th (Tues), 13:00 (JST) ~ July 24th (Fri) 12:59 (JST) limited time sale
A special card that will give an advantage in battle will be sold for
the opening ranking eventfrom July 21st to 24th.
↓ limited time sale video here

*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.