NFT Marketplace by DEP【New Lineup for NFT in Apr 14th】


【New Lineup for NFT in Apr 14th】

■LEGENDARY Profession:Reader Model(Poison) / Creator:Koume Keito

■EPIC Profession:Immigration Officer(Nature)

■RARE Profession:Administrative Scrivener(Fire)

■COMMON Profession:Game Planner(Poison)

【We’re selling recommended NFT(Digital Art) for PvP!】

LEGENDARY Pro Baseball Player(Fire)

LEGENDARY Phantom Thief(Fire)

LEGENDARY Bartender(Poison)

LEGENDARY Prime Minister(Poison)

EPIC Real Estate Appraiser(Fire)

EPIC Nightmare Manipulator(Poison)

RARE Physical Therapist(Fire)

RARE Cosplayer Coser – Black “Lottery Salesperson”(Poison)

COMMON Roasted Sweet Potato Salesperson(Fire)

COMMON System Engineer(Poison)

■NFT Marketplace by DEP|

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