Three approaches constitute the concept of “Play and Earn” in PlayMining’s first game “JobTribes”.


Three Approaches

For the casual gamers…

1) Payday: Anyone can earn DEP just by playing the game!
Buy DEAPcheck with the PALEcoin you’ve earned! Almost everyone who plays the game gets DEAPcoin!

For the serious gamers…

2) Ranking: The harder you play the game, the more DEAPcoin you get!
Users are ranked according to their game performance. Top users can earn a lot of DEAPcoin!

For the casual and serious gamers…

3) Lottery: a chance for all!
If you’re lucky, you might get a lot of DEAPcoin! “The in-game event, “Lottery Quest”, happens regularly! If you have a “”lottery”” that you receive at the event, you have a chance to win DEAPcoin!”

The image is under development.

*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.