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■LEGENDARY Profession:Cotton Craftsman(Earth)/ Creator:Fujiwara Kamui

【We’re selling recommended art for PvP shinkei Cup!】

COMMON Roasted Sweet Potato Salesperson(Fire)

COMMON Professional Blogger(Fire)

COMMON Book Editor(Water)

COMMON Composer(Water)

COMMON Pig Farmer(Nature)

COMMON Mountaineer(Nature)

COMMON Medical Office Worker(Earth)

COMMON Web Planner(Earth)

COMMON Pro Gamer(Thunder)

COMMON Automobile Assembler(Thunder)

COMMON AI Engineer(Poison)

COMMON Crime Scene Cleaner(Poison)

COMMON Strawberry Farmer(Nature)

COMMON Interpretor(Poison)

COMMON Insurance agent(Thunder)

COMMON Construction Site Supervisor(Fire)

COMMON 【PvP Champion】shinkei <Jan 2021>(Nature)

■NFT Marketplace by DEP|


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.