【Limited to DappRadar! Original NFT & NFT purchase funds airdrop campaign!】


■ Plan Details

From those who did “(1) PlayMining ID new registration” & “(2) Create wallet with NFT Marketplace by DEP” during the promotion period, 100 people will be selected by lottery, and be given the original NFT “NF-Teruko” and 500 DEP (the crypto asset “DEAPcoin”).

DEAPcoin can be used to purchase NFTs at the NFT Marketplace by DEP.

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(Target Articles)


(About the rewards)

・Original NFT: “NF-Teruko”

– Original NFT inspired by DEA’s Puzzle Ranger Producer NF-Teruko

– Can be used in PlayMining games and can be bought and sold at NFT Marketplace by DEP.


・DEAPcoin 500 DEP

– DEAPcoin is a crypto asset issued by DEA

– Can be used to purchase NFT at the NFT Marketplace by DEP

■ Promotion Period

March 26th 14:00(UTC+8) – April 26th 13:59(UTC+8)

■ Application Procedure

①Go to PlayMining (https://playmining.com/accounts/signup), enter your email address and click “Sign up”.

②An authentication email will be sent to the email address you entered, so open it and click “Sign up” to PlayMining”.

③Click “My Page” at the bottom of the displayed page

※ The message “Registration has been completed” will be displayed, but please note that the application has not been completed yet!

④Click “Create Wallet”

⑤You will be transferred to “NFT Marketplace by DEP”, so enter the email address you registered earlier to log in.

⑥ An authentication email will be sent to the email address you entered, so open it and click “Sign up to Digital Art Auction(PlayMining)”.

⑦After logging in, press “Register your phone number” on the screen.

⑧Enter your phone number, select your country of residence and click “Agree to Privacy and send.”

⑨Enter the 6-digit verification code provided in the text message and click “Confirm”.

⑩If the following screen is displayed, your Wallet creation is complete.

■ Precautions

・Please note that this promotion may be changed, canceled, extended or terminated early without notice.

・In order to participate in this promotion, it is necessary to complete the two steps of “(1) PlayMining ID new registration” and “(2) Create Wallet with NFT Marketplace by DEP” by April 26th 13:59(UTC+8),2021.

・Those who have already registered a PlayMining ID cannot participate in this promotion.

Please note that if you register without going through the URL link in the corresponding articles on DappRadar, you will not be eligible for the lottery.

・The “NFT Marketplace by DEP” account has a rank according to the customer’s authentication stage, and in order to obtain DEAPcoin, it is necessary to obtain an “Auctioneer” Rank account.

・Your wallet will be created by acquiring the “Auctioneer” Rank.

・The “Auctioneer” Rank requires authentication by email and text message, so please follow the instructions on the “NFT Marketplace by DEP” site to authenticate your account.

・Only customers who have completed the above two steps (1) and (2) by April 26th 13:59(UTC+8),2021 will be put in the lottery and given a reward.

・Rewards go directly into the winning customer’s Wallet.

※ DEAPcoin is not sold to residents of Japan.