【PlayMiningTV Special Edition】


PlayMining ID 500,000 registration commemoration! Present raffle draw!

PAINS will lottery 3rd and 4th prize in this streaming.

■Schedule: Mar 10th 17:30(UTC+8)〜


Lottery with the NFT serial number which is currently on sale!

■Corresponding NFT

“Crab Fisherman (Water)”“Apple Farmer (Nature)”

“Professional Shogi Player (Poison)” “Maid Cafe Waitress (Earth)”


1st prize✖️1  100,000 DEAPcoin

2nd prize✖️5 50,000 DEAPcoin

3rd prize✖️20 5,000 DEAPcoin

4th prize✖️50  1,000 DEAPcoin

1st and 2nd prize winner announcements will be announced on PlayMining TV, which is broadcasted from 20:00 (UTC+8), March 10th.

PlayMiningTV #60


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.