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Veterinary Nurse(Fire)
Olivier Vatine
▼About the Artist
A French comic writer. Born in 1959. Lives in Montpellier, France. He started his career with the success of the humanist space opera manga “AQUABLUE” and honed his skills in the United States where he drew “Star Wars- The Thrawn Trilogy”. After that, he moved to France and succeeded in feature films such as the Western plays “Angela” and “Niourk”. He was one of the first French artists to effectively combine the characteristics of American comics and Japanese manga.
▼Initial skill
Risky No-guard Nursing:Heals all allies significantly, but takes damage.

Cosplayer Yuan Cross “Drug Trafficker”(Thunder)
▼Initial skill
Exhaustion Elimination Medicine:Greatly raises the ATK of one ally, but lowers the DEF.Lasts 3 turns.

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LEGENDARY:Swimming Instructor(Water)
LEGENDARY:Enka Singer(Water)
LEGENDARY:Fortune Teller(Water)
LEGENDARY:Crime Scene Investigator(Water)

EPIC:Crab Fisherman(Water)
EPIC:Nursery School Teacher(Thunder)
EPIC:Apple Farmer(Nature)
EPIC:TV Station Staff(Thunder)

RARE:Sushi Chef(Water)
RARE:Aquarium Keeper(Water)
RARE:Pharmaceutical Company Salesperson(Thunder)
RARE:WEB Programmer(Thunder)

COMMON:Animal Groomer(Water)
COMMON:Hair Dresser(Thunder)
COMMON:Voice Actor(Thunder)
COMMON:Strawberry Farmer(Nature)
COMMON:Insurance agent(Thunder)

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