Digital Art Auction_NFT “Puzzle Rangers” Is Now On Sale!


PlayMining Puzzle Original Digital Art is here!

Digital Art Auction_NFT “Puzzle Rangers” Is Now On Sale!

Puzzle Rangers Overview

The NFT Puzzle Rangers is the world’s first NFT with interactive features. It is distinguished by its motif of five handsome characters aiming to become idols with opportunities for their activities as an idol group to expand depending on the sales situation.

■NFT name: Puzzle Rangers

(Puzzle Red・Puzzle Blue・Puzzle Yellow・Puzzle Green・Puzzle White)

■ First sale start: 2/17 (Wed) 12:00 (UTC+8) ~SOLDOUT

■Second sale start:Scheduled for spring 2021


■ Sale information: @500 DEAPcoin/100 pieces each

■ Value in “PlayMining Puzzle x JobTribes”

In-game specifications change depending on sales conditions!

Ultimately, the score-up effect equivalent to that of the existing LEGENDARY class NFT will be achieved.

The score will be checked every Wednesday until 23:00 (UTC+8) and will be reflected on the following Monday at 08:00 (UTC+8).

Since the first edition has already been sold out, the score multiplier will increase from 09:00 (JST) on 3/1 (Wednesday).

▶︎Number of sales per piece: Score multiplier

100 pieces (sold out) : 15%

80 pieces or more : 12%

60 pieces or more : 10%

40 pieces or more : 8%

20 pieces or more : 5%

15 pieces or more : 3%

Less than 15 pieces : 0.75%

※ It is planned to be implemented in the card battle “JobTribes”, but the specifications are different from those used in “Puzzle x JobTribes”.

■ Idol activity depending on sales situation (schedule)

1st sell out → scenario story release (NFT)

2nd sell out → an exquisite illustration implementation (NFT)

3rd sell out → voice implementation (NFT)

4th sell out → original song release (NFT)

5th sell out → original game implementation (NFT)

※The content is subject to change without notice.

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*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.