JobTribes”Material Hunting! “


■Event rules
“Material Hunting! ” Is an event where you can get a lot of training items(Sands).
■Period: Feb 9th14:00(UTC+8)-Feb 12th13:59 (UCT+8)

■Digital Art
If you own Digital Art and have that Digital Art in your deck, you will get a lot of training items(Sands) according to the number of Art you have.
Among them, the following 5 Art Amulets will give you more training items(Sands), so if you have Digital Art, please take part.
・Ryokan Waitress
・Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Employee
・Clinical Case Coordinator
・Medical Office Worker
・Cosplayer Vehlo Kaze “Crime Scene Investigator”



*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.