JobTribes”Adjustments from the beta version”


The following adjustments have been made based on the opinions received in the beta version.

・The title screen has been changed.

・The HOME screen has been adjusted.

・A display of attribute compatibility to the quest selection screen has been added.

・The visibility has been adjusted to make it easier to see the attributes and rarity of the amulet.

・The maximum amulet possession limit has been increased to 200.

・Special rules in the PvP Arena have been introduced.

┗ Specific parameters were corrected for special rules for the PvP Arena ranking match,

which is held at the end of every month.

Which parameters were corrected depends on the event.

・The matching balance of the PvP Arena was adjusted.

・A draw and defeat reward to PvP Arena was added.

・The button position on the PvP Arena result screen was adjusted.

・Other minor adjustments such as some text has been made.



*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.