JobTribes official service launch commemoration Play PlayMining Puzzle x Job Tribes and get 20,000 DEP!


20,000 DEAPcoin will be given to 5 users who play the puzzle game “PlayMining Puzzle x JobTribes” within the campaign period!

Winners will be announced in the PlayMining TV program aired on 2/17 (Wed)!


Period:Feb 1st(Mon) 08:00(SGT)〜Feb 15th(Mon)07:59(SGT)

Number of winners: 5 people

Distribution DEAPcoin: 20,000 DEAPcoin per person

Selection method: We will draw from users who are listed in the ranking of “PlayMining Puzzle x JobTribes”, and who have their Wallet as a tier 2 rank or higher.


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.