JobTribes “Payday Salary Increase Challenge!” Start


Participate in the “Payday Salary Increase Challenge!” and increase the DEAPcoin you receive on your payday!

If you clear the set challenges every time, your salary will increase!

How much it will increase depends on the content of the challenge at that time!

Click here for the details of this payday challenge.


■Challenge Information

「The challenge is cleared when the number of referrals in the friend/family referral campaign special edition exceeds 500.」

・Period:January 13th(Wed)14:00(SGT)-January 27th(Wed)13:59(SGT)

Submission Deadline: January 13rd (Wed) 14:00 (SGT)

・「The friend/family referral campaign special edition」Join the campaign here.

If a friend or family member registers your referral code during the period, “PlayMining Point” will be given to both the referred and the person who made the referral.

Furthermore, when the person who registered the referral code creates a Wallet, both the referred and the person who made the referral will receive “DEAPcoin” as a gift!


・Invite your friends and family to this campaign through social media!

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A game where you can earn money, “JobTribes”

If you register as a new member now, you have a chance of getting 50 DEP by entering the referral code!

Let’s earn money together!

Referral code(←Enter your referral code)

#jobtribes #DEP(←Recommended Hashtag)


■Payday information after clearing the challenge

Payday (closing date):Feb 9th (Tues)14:00 – Feb 11th(Thurs), 13:59 (SGT)

Date of payment:Feb 16th(Tues)-Feb 18th(Thurs)

50,000PALE=150 DEAPcoin(Previous payday#14:130 DEAPcoin)

※If you cannot clear the challenge, DEAPcoin will be distributed under the same conditions as the last time.



*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.