JobTribes“PvP Arena Ranking Battles!”


Details: At  PvP Arena Ranking battles, which is held at the end of every month, the parameters change as an event!

This time, there is a special rule that the HP and recovery effect of all amulets increases by a certain amount.

Also, if you win the PvP Arena ranking match, you will be made a “Winner Original Digital Art (COMMON)”.


Period:Jan 29th(Fri)14:00(SGT)〜Feb 1st (Mon) 7:59(SGT)

Result announcement: Feb 1st (Mon)12:00(SGT)

※The special rules will change every month



1st 1,000,000 DEAPcoin

2nd 300,000 DEAPcoin

3rd 100,000 DEAPcoin

4th〜10th 50,000 DEAPcoin

11th〜20th 10,000 DEAPcoin

21th〜30th 5,000 DEAPcoin

31th〜100th 90,000 PALEcoin
101th〜10,000th 40,000 PALEcoin


Recruitment materials 500pieces× 4colors

All participants:10,000 PALEcoin


Please give it a try!


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.