JobTribes “Payday Salary Increase Challenge!” Start


Participate in the “Payday Salary Increase Challenge!” and increase the DEAPcoin you receive on your payday!

If you clear the set challenges every time, your salary will increase!

How much it will increase depends on the content of the challenge at that time!

Click here for the details of this payday challenge.


■Challenge Information

“Let’s dance #PAPIPUPayDay together and post a dance video!”

Conditions: Post a dance video to TikTok with the specified hashtag.

The challenge is cleared when the number of posts exceeds 50!


・Submission Deadline: Dec 15th (Tues) 14:00 (SGT)


Watch this dance video and practice.


■Payday information after clearing the challenge

Payday (closing date):Dec 29th (Tues)14:00 – Dec 31st (Thurs), 13:59 (SGT)

Date of payment:Jan 5th(Tues)-Jan 7th(Thurs)

50,000PALE=110 DEAPcoin(Previous:100DEAPcoin)

DEAPcheck 10Pieces(Previous:10Pieces)

※If you cannot clear the challenge, DEAPcoin will be distributed under the same conditions as the last time.


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.