Digital Art Auction「You can get the “Amulet” of the popular “Official Cosplayer” Job Lord!」


DEP purchase campaign with “Easy Purchase”!


Job Lord “Official Cosplayer”sales will start!


Official Cosplayer Thames “Manga Artist” sales on November 4th

Official Cosplayer Miho “PopSter” sales on October 28th

Official Cosplayer Thames“Crime Scene Investigator” on October 21th

Official Cosplayer Sikay “PopSter” sales on October 14th

Official Cosplayer Miho “Nurse” sales on October 7th


As a linked campaign, if you purchase DEAPcoin with the Digital Art Auction’s “Easy Purchase” during the period of November 4th 12:00(SGT) – November 11th 11:59(SGT), all applicants will receive a regular “Official Cosplayer Thames (Manga Artist)“or “Official Cosplayer Miho (PopSter)”or”Official Cosplayer Thames(Crime Scene Investigator)”or”Official Cosplayer Sikay (PopStar)”or”Official Cosplayer Miho “Nurse”Job Lord amulet!


Please use the Google form to apply.


Registration Deadline:Nov 12th(Thurs)11:59(SGT)


“Amulet” is an in-game item. It cannot be bought or sold at the Digital Art Auction.

Gifts will arrive in the in-game present box within a week of purchasing DEP.


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*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.