Digital Art Auction「Special sale for ranking events」


November 10th – 13th Special sale of Job Lord Digital Art ,
which is advantageous in the ranking battle!

Two points of this special sale!

① Very advantageous!

Fire (red) and Earth (orange) enemies will not appear in this ranking battle.
In other words, Nature (green) and Thunder (yellow) amulets will not be unfavorable in battle.

Moreover, we have collected Nature (green) and Thunder (yellow) Job Lords that specialize in these attacks for this special sale.

The special sale of these Job Lords is “very advantageous” for ranking battles!

② For purchasing benefits, God material will be given!

Those who purchase Legendary and Epic Digital Art will receive the “God material” required to call upon the amulet!

■ “God material” 4 types 10,000 gifts each
Legendary “Cacao Farmer”
Legendary “Manga Artist”
Legendary “Riot Police”
Legendary “Hacker”

■ “God material” 4 types 1,000 gifts each
Epic “Nightclub Host”
Epic “Psychiatrist”

※ The four types of “God material” will be distributed in-game within 24 hours after purchasing Digital Art.
Please note that it will not be applied immediately after purchase.

Hurry to the Digital Art Auction!