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Profession:Shoemaker (Earth)
Creator :Asami Aoko
▼About the Artist
A Japanese manga artist. Mainly active in the BL (boy’s love) genre. “Kimi to tsugai ni narenai riyu” and “Kimi to tsugai ni narenai riyu happiness’ are on sale from KADOKAWA COMIC Fleur. She likes cats but she likes dogs more.
▼About the Artwork
“What kind of shoes do you want today? Shoes that will allow you to fly in the sky? Magical glass slippers? Or… shoes that keep you dancing until you die?”
▼Initial skill
【Assault Pliers】Deals immense damage to 1 enemy and raises your SPD.Lasts 3 turns.


【NFT Awards】
On December 9th, we will open the “1st NFT Awards” user voting! Vote for the Digital Art you have once a day and aim for 1st place!
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