” PlayMining Puzzle × Job Tribes” The prize money for the ranking match will change November 2nd (Monday)!


PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes“Ranking Event!

Play “PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes” and earn DEAPcoin!

We will hold a ranking match every week where you can get DEP.

From 11th place to 4000th place, the prize amount will increase as your rank goes up!

The prize money you get will change each time you play!

It depends on “luck”! Chance to win DEAPcoin with a round number!

Every 100th place round number: 300 DEAPcoin

Every 1000th place round numbre: 3,000 DEAPcoin

In addition, there is also a special round number.

Unexpected prize money is hidden, so please look for it.


Starting date and time: Every Monday 08:00 (SGT) -Monday 07:59 (SGT)

Rule: The acquired KESO will be reset every Monday at 07:59 (SGT).


<Prize Money>

1st 20,000DEAPcoin
2nd 10,000DEAPcoin

3rd 5,000DEAPcoin

4th 3,750DEAPcoin

5th 2,500DEAPcoin

6th 1,250DEAPcoin

7th 1,000DEAPcoin

8th 750DEAPcoin

9th 500DEAPcoin

10th 3,000DEAPcoin

Please give it a try!




※Prize money is subject to change.

※If you already have PlayMining ID, please use the same email address that you used when registerd.

※*If you already have PlayMining ID and play JobTribes, please use the same email address as you registered.

*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.