【New Lineup for Digital Art Auction in Oct 28th】


【New Lineup for Digital Art Auction in Oct 28th】
Profession:Fortune Teller(Water)
Creator :fuumi
▼About the Artist
A Japanese illustrator. She is in charge of a wide range of work, including illustrations for light novels and character design for card games. Fuumi’s picture collection “Imagination” is on sale. A personal illustration exhibition was also held in 2018.
▼About the Artwork
“Want to know the future? Or is it in your heart to know about someone you’re thinking of? In any case, the guidance of the stars and the words spun by the cards will be your guide to your worries.”
▼Initial skill
【Vedas of the Stars】Continue to recover all allies’ HP for 3 turns, raises all allies’ DEF.

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