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Profession:Prime Minister(Poison)
Creator :Yamaji Hidenori
▼About the Artist
Yamaji is a Japanese manga artist. He is the author of dark fantasy Marry Grave, a story of a man gathering magic ingredients to resurrect his beloved wife. He created a wonderfully imaginative steam punk world in his first serialized manga, Atlantid. He is also known for Hohoemi no Kijutsushi, winner of the 67th Shogakukan Shinjin Comic Award.
▼About the Artwork
A piece illustrated by Hidenori Yamaji, who is known for his manga “Marie Grave” and “Atlantid”.

The commander-in-chief who unites the elite unit “Cabinet” that governs the administration. In addition to negotiations with other countries, he is also a warrior god who protects the country and the people as the overlord of the indestructible wall.
▼Initial skill
【Appointive Power Type Razor Blade】Deals damage to random enemy 3 times.

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