JobTribes 「The 5th Ranking Event」


The ranking will be determined by the amount of PALEcoin obtained by trying to do a special quest.
You can receive a large sum of DEAPcoin (DEP) and rare items depending on your ranking at the final time of the event.

In this ranking event, the opponent’s deck does not include the ”fire”and ”earth” amulets, so having the ”nature” and ” thunder ” amulets in your deck will be beneficial in the battle.

Also, the more you complete the stage and the higher the level of difficulty, the more PALEcoin you can get.


■Period: Nov 10th(Tues)14:00-Nov 13th(Fri)13:59(SGT)


<Prize Money>

1st 500,000DEAPcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)× 7 pieces

2nd 300,000DEAPcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)× 7 pieces

3rd 100,000DEAPcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)× 7 pieces

4th〜10th 50,000DEAPcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)× 7 pieces

11th〜20th 10,000DEAPcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)× 4pieces

21th〜30th 5,000DEAPcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)× 4pieces

31th〜100th 90,000PALEcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)× 4pieces
101th〜10,000th 40,000PALEcoin Amulet:WEB Programmer(Thunder)×1pieces


God materials 500pieces× 4colors

All participants:10,000PALEcoin



*DEAPcoin is not currently available for sale to residents of Japan.