“Puzzle × JobTribes” introduction


In “PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes,” you have to tap a block of the same color to erase it and drop the “DEAPcoin symbol” to the bottom row within a set number of turns to clear the game. By using five different special moves, you can get a high score. The Digital Art that can be purchased at the Digital Art Auction will increase the number of times you can use special moves if you own them, and the number of Digital Art you own will give you a bonus to the in-game KESO points.

The “KESO” points earned in the game can be exchanged for the crypto-asset DEAPcoin with the proper steps. DEAPcoin can be used as currency to purchase the powerful Digital Art, which has a significant impact on the progress of the game, and can also be exchanged for real money on the crypto-asset exchange.

*If you already have PlayMining ID and play JobTribes, please use the same email address as you registered.

*Only Digital Art that you purchase at Digital Art Auction can be used for the game.


*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.