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Creator :MonoKubo
▼About the Artist
An illustrator. Another name he goes by is “Arizuka”. A lot of his illustrations and landscape paintings are mainly of giant creatures. He is in charge of the ending visual for the television anime “Magical Girl Ore”. His collection of work includes “Megalophilia”, “Megashia ikaitan”, and “Replicare”.
▼About the Artwork
An illustration drawn by illustrator Monokubo who is good at illustrations and landscape paintings mainly of huge creatures and is known for being in charge of all the end cards of the anime “Maho shojo ☆ ore”

Hunt for prey. It is necessary to survive.
So today I shoot a bullet and dye the blade I got in crimson.
—— while giving thanks for its precious life.
▼Initial skill
【Rifle tempest】Deals damage to random enemy 3 times.

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