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Profession:Enka Singer(Water)
Creator :Ebihara Takeshi
▼About the Artist
A Japanese manga artist. After graduating form high school, he joined Fujiko Studio. He studied under the manga artist, Fujiko F. Fujio. He is known for “Miss Machiko”, which began serialization in “Shonen Challenge” since 1980. The manga was animated and became very popular, and was later made into a live-action movie.
▼About the Artwork
An illustration drawn by Takeshi Ebihara, a manga artist known for his manga “Maichichingu Machiko Sensei” that has been made into an anime and a live-action film.

A female singer who emits a shock wave through her voice.
The voice excites and touches people’s hearts, as well as gives encouragement, and it is also a weapon that destroys all material and monsters.

▼Initial skill
【Passionate traditional song: “Red Sunshine”】Lowers the DEF of one enemy and deals immense damage to 1 enemy.Lasts 3 turns.

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